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Sourcing Company

Business model A sourcing company is virtually the same as a trading company. They serve as a link between Chinese factories and importers. They help their clients in finding the right supplier. When you reach a decision, they will source, supervise, carry out QC and ship your products. They are known in China to offer full China sourcing

Mistakes (Don’t Make) When Buying Wholesale From China

In this article, I’m going to show you the common mistakes that importers make when buying wholesale from China. This list of mistakes is gathered from our experience in serving more than 3,000 customers, and surprisingly, even the ones with 5-year importing experiences still fall victim to these common mistakes. Still interested? Let’s go ahead.

Importers who specialize in importing certain products

This section is focused on importers who are in need of a particular type of industrial products, such as auto parts. Unlike consumer goods, this category of products demands knowledge of various technical parameters, material, etc. to evaluate the quality. In addition to that, each product has several variations which makes it even more daunting